Yealink wf40 Wifi USB Dongle Product Review

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telecommunications offers many benefits over traditional landline phones for the business. For example, VoIP can provide flexibility to accommodate remote teams and scalability to start small for small businesses and home offices. The biggest challenge in converting to SIP is equipment.

The Yealink wf40 is a convenient and cost-effective solution to connect your phone to your wireless network with a small dongle. Yealink has been creating quality telecommunications equipment for SIP systems for two decades. The brand is well-known for creating quality equipment that provides crystal clear calls using a reliable and secure internet connection.

What You Need to Use the Yealink WF40 USB Dongle

The Yealink WF40 dongle solution works with an existing wifi network that supports a 2.4GHz frequency and WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption. In addition to an appropriate wifi network, you will need a Yealink brand desk phone and dongle. 

What we Like About the Yealink WF40 USB Dongle

The Yealink WF40 dongle is a small, lightweight, low-power option that works as easily as any plug-and-play device to connect your phone to an available wifi internet connection for SIP service. The dongle provides an affordable way for small businesses and home office workers to embrace SIP telecommunications to power their businesses.

The Yealink WF40 dongle offers:

  • A Reliable Connection
  • Plug-and-Play Use
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Transmission Rate

What to Consider Before Buying

The Yealkink WF40 dongle is only a vector for connecting a compatible phone to an existing wifi network. You will also need to purchase a compatible Yealink phone system in order to use this product. Some consumers have also reported a shorter-than-expected lifespan with devices overheating after just a few months of use. 

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About the Company

Yealink is a global telecommunications company focused on developing products that leverage innovative technology to keep businesses connected. Yealink’s priority is to create value in network communications. Established in 2001, Yealink has been steadily building a brand built on quality products for the last 20 years.

Yealink products effectively provide cutting-edge communications solutions for education, manufacturing, finance, and government applications. From Zoom rooms to business phones, Yealink provides many solutions to meet the growing communications needs in business.

What is the Difference Between SIP and VoIP?

In researching business communication options, you’re likely to come across many acronyms that are often used interchangeably. Sometimes an internet-based phone system will be referred to as VoIP, other times session initiation protocol (SIP), and most often simply just IP. So, what gives? Why are there so many different names, and are they actually the same things?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a specific protocol that makes VoIP calling possible. A protocol is simply a set of digital rules for exchanging data. These rules are what make your technology work. So, while SIP and VoIP are not exactly the same thing, they are closely related. Without SIP, VoIP calling is not possible. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a broader definition for all types of communications made using an internet connection.

How SIP Solutions Work

The most common iteration of a VoIP solution relies on provider software to provide a PBX-like system that offers features like call forwarding and voicemail. A subscriber uses an IP phone system to connect to the provider's servers and access their software over the internet.

SIP solutions bridge the gap between traditional phone lines and more modern VoIP systems. SIP trunks connect PBX systems to a public telephone network. The benefit of choosing the right IP-PBX provider allows businesses freedom from the financially-intensive traditional PBX systems.

Why You Should Make the Switch to a VoIP Phone System 

Costs and flexibility are the main reasons that VoIP phone systems are an ideal solution for most small businesses. While traditional copper phone lines are reliable and have stood the test of time for nearly 150 years, they are costly and cumbersome. For a PBX system to serve a business that needs multiple lines, these come in an inflexible block of 28 or 29 lines, so adding one or two lines isn’t possible. This leaves small businesses paying for more than they need. 

And, telephone networks seem to be comfortable in their business model because they do very little to make their service more flexible or affordable. In fact, they like to nickel and dime for every add-on service like call forwarding and voicemail. With a VoIP service, everything uses an existing internet connection, so there is no need to pay for additional phone lines.

Sure, internet service can occasionally go down. But with VoIP service, it is easy to reroute calls to another outlet to avoid downtime for your business. Not only is the monthly service often significantly cheaper with a VoIP phone service, but you’ll experience less downtime with more options when you do, which means fewer missed opportunities for your business.

And we would be remiss if we did not mention current remote and hybrid working models that are catching on around the globe. When your business needs to be flexible, adapting to changing working environments, VoIP service is the only option that allows your employees to connect from anywhere while presenting a cohesive experience to your customers.

Final Thoughts on the Yealink WF40 USB Dongle

If your small business is looking for a more affordable way to connect with your customers, IP-based phone systems are filling the need. When it comes to choosing the right equipment and provider, Yealink is a leading brand known around the world. The WF40 dongle is a low-cost way to connect an existing compatible Yealink phone to a secure internet connection, creating a VoIP system. The Yealkink WF40 USB Dongle is a great value for the price. 

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