Yealink W60P IP DECT Phone System Review

Businesses need a reliable way to communicate with customers, employees, vendors, and more. As a result, investing in suitable phone systems is crucial if a company wants to operate smoothly.

However, choosing the right headsets and phone system isn’t always easy. Many companies don’t know what features to look for when selecting a new phone. 

The Yealink W60P IP DECT system is famous for its ability to handle a heavy call load. In this review, we’ll cover both the good and the bad of this system, so you can determine whether it’s the proper setup for your business. 

We’ll also touch on features, setup details, and real customer reviews. 

How Does an IP DECT Phone Work?

If you’ve been searching for a new phone system, chances are you’ve seen options for DECT systems. However, what exactly is an IP DECT phone, and how does it work?

Before we get into reviewing the one by Yealink below, you must understand the functionality of DECT systems to understand each feature better. 

DECT phones are currently some of the most popular in the market for their excellent mobility, high-tech menus, and easier access to business communication

The wireless handsets communicate with the system’s base, allowing users to travel up to 300m without interference. What’s more, modern DECT phones can handle a much heavier call load than previous options. 

About the Brand

Yealink is an international company that is known for its cutting-edge voice communication and video conference technology. Its mission is to continuously optimize its devices to be more user-friendly, reliable, and innovative than its competitors. 

Over 140 countries use Yealink technology to handle all of their communication needs. Customers worldwide admire the company’s commitment to a better user experience and top-notch customer service

With over two decades in the communication industry, Yealink has established itself as a reliable provider of numerous phone systems. Some of their most innovative technology is in the W60P IP DECTmodel. 

Yealink W60P IP DECT Phone System

The Yealink W60P IP DECT is a massive upgrade from their previous phone systems. The company had issues with satisfying companies that needed to handle a heavy call load. Before, previous models could only operate four calls across five handsets.

It solved this issue with the W60P upgrade. The system can now handle eight calls across eight handsets. This kind of call load is more than enough for most small and medium-sized businesses. 

What’s more, Yealink put a bit more thought into the handset’s design. Each handset sports a sleek style along with an easy-to-use color LED display.

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Breakdown of Top Features and Specs

The Yealink W60P IP DECT is chock-full of features to help improve a company’s communication. To better understand how these features can help businesses, we’ve broken down each of the top features and specs below.

The Handset Menu

An interactive and user-friendly menu is vital for any commercial phone system, and it’s what allows the user to use all the most essential functions of the device. 

The W60P IP DECT menu is exceptionally straightforward, especially when compared to previous models. 

Studies show that over 30% of people believe they want to speak to the right person right away with minimal hold time. Users can quickly navigate the interface to put calls on hold, transfer to other lines, and just about everything in between.

Battery Life

Another factor you need to consider when buying a new phone system is battery life. The last thing you want is for your phones to die right when your sales rep is about to close the biggest deal of the year. 

Fortunately, the W60P IP DECT has magnificent battery life. Users get up to 30 hours of talk time and a whopping 400 hours of standby

Furthermore, the W60P IP DECT charges incredibly fast. Only 10 minutes on a charge, and you can enjoy up to 2 hours of talk time.


Phone range determines how far the operator can be away from the base device and still communicate with the other line. 

For this Yealink device, you have an indoor range of about 20-50m. The outdoor range is extremely impressive. Outdoors, you can use the device in a 300m range. You can also use a repeater to extend the range even further. 

Power Source

Yealink had issues in the past with providing their device with a convenient power source. Before, customers had to purchase a power supply separately. 

The W60P IP DECT comes with its own USB power source. Users can also get an adapter to connect their USB source to a wall socket.

Thing To Know Before Choosing the Yealink W60P IP DECT

While the W60P IP DECT by Yealink is an incredibly reliable system, a few things are missing. 

For example, Yealink seems to have put a lot of thought into designing the system’s base, but some things just aren’t in sync with the handset. The power cradle of the handset is shaped a bit awkwardly, making it difficult to grab. 

Some customers also report that the paint can scratch off easily if the device is dropped or rubs against items. While this doesn’t necessarily affect the functionality of the W60P IP DECT, it could look unsightly over time. 

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Overall, the W60P IP DECT by Yealink is an incredibly dependable system, and it has enough features and functions to help small and medium-sized businesses communicate effectively. While there are a few drawbacks, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. 

Large companies may need something with more robust call load capabilities. However, they can always network in multiple systems. 

Any company that needs to streamline its internal and external communication system should consider checking out the Yealink W60P IP DECT.

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