Yealink SIP-T57W Phone Review

The Yealink SIP-T57W Phone is designed to cater to the evolving needs and activities of busy corporate executives, professionals, and workers in corporations and large and medium-sized business ventures. 

And even though the Yealink T57W has a wide array of functions, capabilities, and features, it is still highly user-friendly in even the most hectic and fast-paced business environment. 

Yealink manufactures a distinct line of business communication devices, phones, headsets, conference systems, and accompanying accessories that can optimize the business ambitions of any business with domestic and even international business range.

Why Choose the Yealink SIP-T57W Phone?

And the Yealink T57W is the business phone up to the task of accommodating extremely heavy call loads and meeting high business accomplishment expectations. The Yealink T57W has also been called the next-generation communications device for videoconferencing and personal collaboration via audio.

The Yealink T57W comes with revolutionary features like innovative wireless connectivity, adjustable high-resolution display, advanced acoustic shield technology, and even a corded cordless phone.

It is a business phone product manufactured by Yealink, a professional and global business brand specializing in optimizing business solutions via collaborations, voice communications, and video conferencing. And Yealink strives to create the best in quality communications devices with innovative technologies that are still intuitively user-friendly to operate.

Yealink is the number provider of Session Initiation Protocol phones and communication devices or SIP phones in the world market for SIP technology. And Yealink provides business communication devices and phones in over 140 countries. 

We believe that if your corporation or business needs a business communication system that can keep up with a hectic pace, demand, and the need to communicate with a multitude of clients efficiently, then you should try the Yealink T57W.

And before we go in-depth with our review of the Yealink T57W, let’s first discuss workplace and desktop productivity and why your business needs to adopt the right business communications devices for your needs.

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Optimizing Workplace and Desktop Productivity With Customized Business Communications Products

Since this is a review for the Yealink T57W, we need to take a moment to address some of the issues this business communications device solves.

There is an automatic synergy between human capital, efficient work productivity, and the need for the comprehensive integration of technology, especially communication-based technology, required to make the business world of the 21st-century function.

The point is that it is virtually impossible to get business done in the 21st century without efficiently used technology, especially voice and video-based technology in the workplace. The world is getting incredibly smaller every day through internet connectivity, social media, and the continual advances of technology. 

And while it is vital to marry technology with work efficiency, it is also essential to match the right, customized technology with suitable workplace systems. Technology is not a one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to productivity and the customized and ultra-specific needs of a workplace.

Some studies suggest that over 85% of workers are either actively or partially disengaged at their work activities. And such disengagement costs the global workplace over $7 trillion in lost productivity

Still, many studies find that the increased integration of technology into solving the needs of the workplace, especially combining complex technological and technical skills with work output, motivates employees to achieve workplace goals. Surveyed employers find that increased interactivity by employees with technology increased work output by over 89%.

Another study found that over 54% of employers and business industry leaders are planning to invest more money into interactive and collaborative technologies to improve and enhance workplace productivity. 

The finer point here is that any business that has not already integrated collaborative and interactive voice and audio technologies into their workplace is already behind the curve and will have to do so sooner than later.

What would the business world of the 21st century be like without Zoom, Skype, or any other multitude of communication apps? But then again, any business could employ such simple technologies for their ends. Large corporations and businesses and medium-sized businesses need more customizable and innovative technologies to achieve their goals.

Large corporations and businesses require phones, devices, and communications technology to meet the workload their global interests demand.

And that brings us back to the Yealink T57W.

The Yealink T57W Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned, the Yealink T57W is a business communication device optimized for use by busy corporate executives and professionals who run large businesses. 

One prominent feature of the Yealink T57W is a 7-inch, multiple-point touch interactive screen. The screen is adjustable, features user-friendly navigation and built-in Bluetooth capabilities that can all be controlled with one touch. 

The touch screen features crystal clear menu options that can be optimized for smart device interfacings.

It has a USB 2.0 port built into its features that allow for USB recording, the use of wireless or direct-wired USB headsets, or at least three Yealink EXP50 expansion modules for optimal connectivity.

The Yealink T57W features innovative Yealink Acoustic Shield technology and Yealink Optimal HD voice tech. These innovative technologies are designed to eliminate background noise and audio distractions efficiently. This phone will deliver crystal clear voice comprehension even in noisy office environments.

And the Yealink T57W also features the latest in Hearing Aid Compatibility regulated technologies to aid hearing-impaired users.

The Yealink features built-in Bluetooth connectivity for Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility with affiliated accessories like headsets and mobile contact synchronization. And it also has automatically built-in dual-band WiFi for WiFi and optimal WiFi connectivity. This feature allows your business to connect to 5G WiFi connectivity effortlessly.

Your business can turn the Yealink T57W into multiple handset connectivity units by converting the phone into a corded-cordless communications device through the use of innovative DECT technology. 

Additionally, Yealink T57W can interface and function with the Yealink VC desktop to share data and content from any computer or laptop. And this function also makes collaborations easier. 

You can use the Yealink T57W to coordinate a 10-way audio or videoconferencing call. Additionally, the automated phonebook can easily save up to 1,000 entries.

The Yealink T57W’s multifunctionality and user-friendly capabilities make it an excellent choice for any business that needs to optimize the handling of its business activities.

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