Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone Review

Conference calls are the backbones of sturdy businesses. They update teams on new information and keep everyone on the same page.

According to recent studies, employees tend to multitask or work during conference calls. If the conference call suddenly drops in quality? That little error takes away precious time and wastes your hard-earned money. 

Using efficient conference phone systems ensures everyone is contributing to the bottom line. We’re going to take a look at the Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone and how it makes every single minute count.

The Reality of Conference Calls

It’s no secret that meetings have become less popular as of late. With the pandemic introducing new problems seemingly every day, people are more time-strapped than ever.

Zoom fatigue is a term that’s grown from the constant drain of video meetings in a socially-distanced world. Everything from excessive eye strain to social anxiety has caused businesses to rethink how they do conference calls. Changing the way you do things starts with changing your technology. 

Using a more efficient tool saves time and money, both of which will result in happier employees. How does the Yealink CP860 Conference Phone bridge the gap between the business and the worker?

The Benefits of the Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone

For businesses that want to circumvent Zoom or Google Meet in favor of the classics, meet the CP860. This fresh and advanced model is a shoo-in for small to medium-sized offices.

You’ll be able to enjoy five-way conferencing with a host of modern and easy-to-use elements, such as:

Well-Rounded Features

A good conference phone should be able to handle any meeting at the touch of a button. 

For those familiar with the functions of the average conference phone, you won’t be disappointed. The features you can expect to enjoy with the Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone include:

  • Basic call features, such as hold, mute, and redial
  • Mute and redial buttons
  • On-hook/off-hook button
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 3.5 mm jackport
  • POE support
  • Supplementary power supply
  • Long Ethernet cable
  • Call recording and playback feature

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Surround-Sound Voice Quality

You won’t have to strain to hear people talking on the other line. The Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone is capable of filling up even a medium-sized room with little effort.

Expect a radius of ten feet by ten feet, which can extend to a larger twenty or twenty-five foot room. If you’re worried about voice pickup in a larger room, this conference phone comes with a microphone expansion. Two can be connected at a time for maximum flexibility. 

To improve comprehension and reduce misunderstandings, the voice quality is equipped with:

  • Optima HD voice
  • Duplex speakerphone
  • Acoustic echo cancellation technology

Easy Set-Up

This conference phone is built for convenience. Its straightforward prompts are built into the phone, so you won’t have to fumble with manuals attempting to set it up.

Configuring the phone afterward can be done either through your computer browser or by calling the provider. If you’re a beginner setting up conference phones, it’s best to default to asking for help. The sooner you get set up, the sooner you can work.

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The Downsides of the Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone

This is a well-rounded conference phone that should tackle the pain points of any small to medium-sized business. That said, you may want to keep your Wi-Fi handy.

Incompatible Cable Lengths

The power supply cable is a mere ten feet in length, compared to the Ethernet cable which is nearly 25 feet. This can leave you wrestling with a proper setup instead of getting straight to work.

Consider pairing your conference phone with desk phones to improve your functionality. 

Higher-Than-Average Price

If your business needs the technology, then you can spare no expense. That said, some might find the $350 price tag a little on the high side.


This sleek and meticulously made phone is a solid choice for businesses that prioritize regular conference calls. In a world struggling with communication issues, it’s an investment with benefits you’ll notice immediately.

The Yealink CP860 IP Conference Phone is supplemented with a host of well-rounded features, such as USB ports, jackpots, and a supplementary power supply. Whether you need to speak with five people or keep three people on hold, you’ll never be short of options.

On the other hand, its incompatible cord lengths and higher-than-average price could prove a little frustrating. All in all, they’re small negatives in a sea of positives. 

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