What Is a Cloud PBX?

The way we communicate is just as important as why we communicate. In a world defined by social distancing and Zoom calls, this is one step you can’t afford to overlook.

The cloud is one of the most important digital tools of our age. It provides us with the ability to update business information on the fly and keep in touch with several people. Even better? It’s easy to install, use, and adjust as needed.

What is a cloud PBX and how can it streamline your business operations on a fundamental level? We’ll dive into that below so you can finally start enjoying the full potential of your workforce.

Essential Communication Statistics You Need To Know

You’ll gain an even bigger appreciation for the cloud PBX once you see what you’re up against. Communication in the modern age is both easier and more complex than ever before.

Did you know nearly 60% of employees in a recent study stated they are rarely given clear directions for their work? Another study found that miscommunication costs small businesses (with at least 100 employees) an average of $420,000 per year. It’s imperative you hone in on the weak spots in your day-to-day communication so you’re not fracturing your workforce.

The cloud PBX is just one of many resources you can use to boost your team’s productivity. VoIP phones are another tool that still see a high ROI in collaborative spaces.

Defining The Cloud

A common turn-of-phrase these days is that ‘everything is on the cloud’. The cloud is essentially an online service that stores your data, runs software, and keeps you connected to several parties. 

Cloud services infrastructure has hit record figures, reaching $41 billion in global spending with no signs of slowing down. The cloud is beloved by businesses for its flexibility and relatively low cost in the long-term. When just one installation can completely change the way you communicate, it’s a small wonder the cloud is so popular. 

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What Is a PBX?

How often do you analyze your phone systems for improvement? PBX is short for ‘private branch exchange’ and is considered one of today's most useful communication tools.

What makes the PBX so practical is its ability to support both internal and external communication. This is an excellent detail if you’ve found yourself frustrated with constantly installing new tools in your business. With the aid of a PBX, you can do tasks such as:

  • Transfer calls
  • Reroute incoming calls
  • Customize unique specifications 

What makes the traditional PBX system less appealing to businesses today is maintenance. It’s difficult to install and maintain PBX without the aid of a technician, which doesn’t even touch on other aspects such as licensing. If you want to save time and money, the cloud PBX is ready to deliver. 

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Communication mishaps are more than annoying. They’re costly! Teams Device Center provides businesses of all shapes and sizes the tools they need to stay connected.

What Is a Cloud PBX And Why Do You Need It?

The cloud PBX is exactly how it sounds: a PBX system enhanced by the flexibility and accessibility of the cloud. It’s affordable, quick to install, and provides you with countless benefits.

Unlike the clunkier traditional PBX system, the cloud PBX is more affordable and can be installed much more quickly. All of the software you need to use is already available, including VoIP technology. This also saves you physical business space by requiring less hardware to run. One way or another, you’ll find yourself enjoying regular victories with the cloud PBX.

What Is VoIP Technology?

Short for ‘voice over internet protocol’, VoIP phone systems have some serious staying power in the business world. Similar to a traditional phone line, VoIP uses the internet to conduct tasks more efficiently. 

Need to reroute a call? How about set up a quick conference call? The speed of VoIP phone systems is unparalleled in a fast-paced business setting. Alongside the VoIP, you’ll use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to connect several phones together.

Can You Connect Mobile Phones or Softphones?

Absolutely. VoIP and cloud PBX technology keeps everyone connected no matter what they’re using. 

A softphone is any software designed to conduct a call, but isn’t actually a phone service in of itself. Likewise, mobile phones and tablets can be hooked up to a cloud PBX system. If you’ve found yourself frustrated having to keep everyone on the same page, this could be your next great investment. 

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You Should Consider a Cloud PBX

The cloud PBX is one of today’s most efficient, accessible, and affordable communication tools. It combines the traditional PBX system with the power of the cloud. 

If you already use a VoIP phone system, it’s easier than ever to combine it with the cloud PBX. You’ll be able to reroute calls, set up conference rooms, and customize your phone features with no trouble. The cloud PBX is especially appealing for businesses that are tired of slow installation times or user-unfriendly interfaces.

Step up your business communication by shifting to the cloud. Contact Teams Device Center for professional advice on today’s best yealink, VoIP, and cloud technology.

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