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The most advanced headsets on the market

WH6 Series DECT Wireless Headsets

The Yealink WH6 DECT Wireless Headset Series is a new generation headsets, combining a highly compact design with a rich voice communication performance. Besides providing users with an immersive voice communication experience, the WH66 & WH67 are multi-functional UC Workstations bringing enhanced features that help users to redefine their workspace - boosting productivity and work flexibility.

  • All-in-one workstations
  • HD Voice with Acoustic Shield
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Up to 14 hours talk time
  • Up to 160 meter range
  • Microsoft Teams certified


Top of the line UC Workstation that enables users to connect and manage communications from a single device.

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A premium UC Workstation headset that eases the management of business communication demands.

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An entry-level convertible DECT wireless headset that works with major UC platforms and Yealink IP Phones

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A new entry-level DECT wireless headset, with comfort fitting and WH62 Dual and WH62 Mono models.

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Advanced Conferencing Room Capabilities

Teams Enabled Conference Rooms

In today’s hybrid and remote work world, efficient meetings are indispensable tools for successful collaboration. A properly run meeting serves to keep staff on the same page and motivate and encourage sharing of ideas and goals. In order to facilitate the most effective and productive meetings, your team needs the best tools Having state-of-the-art software is just the first step. It is imperative to also provide your team with the best-suited hardware solutions to empower their staff. With the growing number of Microsoft Teams users in today’s modern environment, there is a wide range of excellent devices available to build Teams Rooms.

Yealink MVC940

Microsoft Teams room systems for Extra Large Rooms - 4k video, advanced audio

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Yealink MVC400-C2

Microsoft Teams rooms system for small meeting groups  and rooms (5-7 people)

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Yealink MVC840

Microsoft Teams Rooms system for large rooms with 4k video and 360° audio

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Smart Business Desk Phone for Executives and Professionals

Advanced Desk Phones

Microsoft Teams

Advanced Experience for Microsoft Teams to Stay Productive and Collaborative

Headset Integrations

Wireless Bluetooth Handsets for Adding Significant Mobility to Your Calling Experiences

Advanced Audio Tech

Professional and Sophisticated Audio Technology, Making Every Conversation Clear and in Focus

Simplify Deployment

Deployment tools and auto-provisioning, making it simple to deploy, upgrade and maintain.

Yealink MP54 Cost-effective Phone for Teams

Just getting started? Learn about the Yealink MP54, a best-selling entry level business phone packed with features

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Yealink VP59

Leading Teams enabled video phone that integrates voice and video solutions for personal desks.

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Yealink MP58

Smart Business desk phone with advanced Teams experiences for Executives and Professionals

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Yealink MP56

Mid-level desktop phone powered by Android 9.0 and with Teams integration for office workers 

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Yealink MP54

Entry-level, cost-effective Teams phone for common areas and workers of co-working spaces .

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